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Your holiday or bussiness trip can be spoiled by unfortunate incidents. This happens every day all over the world. If you follow the following hints, the risk should be minimised.


  • Keep luggage to a minimum-if you are over burdened you are an easy target

  • Keep air tickets, travellers cheques, other valuables and reserve cash in a money belt under your clothes. Only keep cash for immmediate use in a wallet

  • Rent a cell phone and familiarise yourself with emergency numbers

  • Obtain a reliable map and plan your routes well


  • Use courtesy buses instead of public taxis

  • Hire a car with air conditioning and a central locking system

  • See to it that your vehicle is in good condition and that you have enough fuel before you depart.

  • Have your keys ready when you approach your car, and always look inside the car before you get in.

  • Always lock the doors of your vehicle even when you are driving. Never open your window more than five centimetres.

  • Avoid stopping in remote or dark areas.

  • Be alert at traffic lights and stop streets.

  • Remember to lock the boot of the car. However, remember a boot is not a safe. Valuables should be in safe keeping or under your control.

  • If approached by a stranger when you are in the car, lean on the horn and drive away.

  • Under no circumstances should you give strangers a ride. If flagged down for assistance, drive to a police station to report it.

  • If you are lost, drive to a well-populated area and consult a map. Avoid informal settlements.

  • Know the route you are about to travel. Gather information about the possible danger points and avoid it.

  • If your car is bumped from behind, drive to the nearest police station for help.

  • Look around before entering a drive way. If you see someone lurking in the area, call the police.

  • Keep your keys ready when you approach your home and enter immediately.

  • If hijacked, move away from the vehicle and do not argue or resist. Keep your hands where they can see them. They are just as nervous as you are.


  • Try not to walk in remote places at any time. Stay in well lit areas among people.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid alleys and bushes.

  • If people approach you or start milling around, move away, it may be a robbery attempt.

  • Never overload yourself with parcels, you will become a target.

  • Carry a self defence spray or a stun gun and do not hesitate to use it when you are in danger.

  • Do not carry large sums of money. Carry your wallet under your clothes with the money for immediate use loose in a front pocket.

  • Avoid wearing jewellery in the street.

  • Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

  • Avoid travelling alone.

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