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Knowledge management is a primary tool of the manager, who must master the art of bringing knowledge to the right person at the right time to make the right decision. To master this art, best practices for knowledge management must be implemented to ensure that knowledge as a valuable resource is applied to fulfill the mission of an organization. Best practices can be described as follows.

Best practices in the world of knowledge management can be summarized by describing it as the manifestation of the understanding of knowledge as a vital strategic resource. The implement knowledge management requires cognizance of best practices like clear policies, an organized knowledge base, sharing through networking, the cultivation of creativity and the protection of knowledge. Furthermore it requires a concerted effort from a spectrum of role players to achieve success.

Cybertonature strives to create a culture of knowledge sharing among role players in the travel and tourism arena. Through the establishment of databases, search engines, publications, and a network of selected quality travel web sites to actively share knowledge, we believe that all role players would eventually benefit.

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