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Cybertonature Travel Services
Through Cyberspace to Nature's Grace




CYBERTONATURE TRAVEL SERVICES must provide quality services to travelers and customers in the tourism industry

We are:

  • Tourism Strategists,developing your idea into a tourism strategy and business plan.

  • Developers of travel products, including route and destination development, acting as "smart agents" for travelers and tour operators.

  • Knowledge Managers specializing in the development of tourism web sites and online publications

  • Facilitators and Mentors, assisting you to implement your plans to make it a viable business

  • Node in a network of high quality self catering units in Pretoria, including an own garden flat situated in a central and safe position in the tranquil suburb of Wonderboom, Pretoria.


Dries Velthuizen is the General Manager of the closed- corporation. Apart from his normal management duties he is personally responsible to strategise, manage knowledge and to facilitate your success. In this task he is supported by a network of other specialists in the field of tourism, knowledge management and training. Apart from being an experienced and well-qualified general manager, Dries holds a Doctors Degree in Knowledge Management from the University of South Africa and has a passion for travel, nature and the African continent.

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Sarie Velthuizen is responsible for the administration and financial management of the corporation and is the hostess of Cybertonature Cottage. Sarie is an experienced knowledge manager, hostess and administrator. Supported by a network of reliable service providers, Sarie ensures quality service to all our customers.

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PO Box 14063,
City of Tswane,
Republic of South Africa
Phone: +27 826844359    
Fax: +27 866719924    

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